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Phocuswright research is your company’s competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving travel, tourism and hospitality marketplace. Whether you become a research subscriber or purchase individual reports, Phocuswright’s rigorous analysis and fierce independence provide the clarity and confidence you need to make the right strategic decisions.

We Are Travel Research Experts

Our analysts are hand-selected to provide nuanced industry expertise on the many topics of travel, tourism and hospitality. Whether your company needs information on consumer trends, mobile, destinations, technology and more, Phocuswright has you covered. Learn more about our experts.

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The Travel Industry's Most Trusted Experts

Phocuswright analysts think about, research, analyze and report on travel industry trends and dynamics every day. Our team includes region, segment and category specialists.


The Power of a Research Subscription

Phocuswright's Open Access research subscription puts the most comprehensive library of global travel research and data visualization at your fingertips. With company-wide access to all syndicated material and our interactive data product, anyone from your business analysts to your executive team can boost their travel industry knowledge, presentations and more.

Subsidized packages are available for DMOs and startups.

It has been a pleasure and a honor to work with Catherina Reith and Florence Kaci during all the months before the event. Florence made a professional and enthusiastic speech that we really appreciated as the audience."

Mauro SantinatoCEO Teamwork srl

Custom Research

Answers Specifically Formulated For You

Phocuswright Custom Research puts a team of experienced Phocuswright analysts to work answering your company’s unique research questions.

Custom Questions

Phocuswright Custom Research puts a team of experienced Phocuswright analysts to work answering your company's unique research questions.

Upcoming Research Projects

Comprehensive updates on the innovations that change the travel landscape. Reviews solutions and technologies that will improve the way travel companies and customers connect.

DMO Subscription

This special Research Subscription is exclusively for DMOs (CVBs, NTOs, etc.) with pricing subsidized by Phocuswright.

Special Projects

Invest In The Future Of Your Business

Phocuswright's Special Projects are a series of multi-client topical research studies dedicated to answering tough questions about travel, tourism and hospitality. Phocuswright opens these projects up for participants and sponsors to help set the research agenda.