Special Projects

Special Projects are multi-client topical research studies dedicated to answering tough questions about travel, tourism and hospitality. Phocuswright opens these projects up for participants and sponsors to help set the research agenda, gain access to unpublished data, and more.

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You Shape The Research to Suit Your Needs

Yielding many of the benefits of custom research at a fraction of the cost, a Special Project enables sponsors to help set the research agenda. Your brand is featured as a partner in a cutting-edge research project, and you provide input as Phocuswright analysts develop survey and interview questions. At the completion of the project, you receive a robust deliverable, customized based on your project goals and interests.

Participating in a Special Project Can Help You …

  • Establish your company as a thought leader and sponsor of groundbreaking research
  • Benefit from branding and promotional rights
  • Prioritize investments in quickly evolving regions, segments or technologies
  • Identify potential partners
  • Understand future trends before your competitors do
  • Strengthen your company's position as an expert in your category
  • Evaluate market opportunity to provide direction for future strategy
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