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Open Access: University

With the subsidized Open Access: University research subscription, Phocuswright's goal is to expand its knowledge to the academic community in order to nurture, challenge, motivate, help tomorrow's leaders today, and provide resources for educators and researchers.

This University research subscription offers access to research that provides market forecasts, segment data, consumer survey information, insight and commentary – industry standards up and down the travel distribution chain – and delivers invaluable information.

Our analysts work closely with many companies to publish relevant research and information on an ongoing basis – unprecedented in scope and scale for the travel industry – that can significantly help students understand the travel landscape and marketplace.

Why Subscribe to Open Access for Universities?

At Phocuswright, research always comes first. Our sole focus on travel drives everything we do from fielding surveys and collecting data, to analyzing and interpreting every fact and figure and writing in-depth reports in-house. Our rigorous and independent research fuels strategic decisions at companies across all travel verticals.

Open Access Features

  • Market sizing
  • Market forecasts
  • Segment data
  • Consumer surveys
  • Technology trends
  • Insight and commentary
  • Interactive chart platform
  • Startup data

Open Access: University Benefits

  • All Phocuswright syndicated material published prior to and during subscription term
  • Phocal Point interactive data product, including deep analysis of 2,500+ companies startups
  • Private connection to your university
  • Concierge library services
  • Access to Phocuswright conference sessions via the online event platform for currently enrolled students.

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The Open Access Research Subscription for Universities is subsidized by Phocuswright.

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