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About Us

Phocuswright is the leading authority in travel, tourism and hospitality market research. We are the most quoted and trusted source for data, information and analysis.

Phocuswright's independent and unbiased research gives a competitive advantage to senior executives, marketers, strategists and research professionals around the world. Our marketplace intelligence sets the industry standard for segmentation, sizing, forecasting, trends, analysis and consumer travel planning behavior.

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Why Phocuswright?

We believe that travel is transformational.

Travel expands horizons, enables personal growth, evolves perspectives and is ever-changing in its complexity.

We believe that curiosity, rigor and smart thinking push boundaries, challenge the status quo and drive innovation.

We are passionate about pursuing knowledge and providing insights that power impact.

We attract bright people for whom excellence is a baseline and exceeding expectations is part of the DNA.

We know that successful travel companies must understand the market, embrace technological change, find business partners, expand their offers and enhance their technology.

We offer fuel for the journey.

Travel is our world.


Our data spans years of research so you can compare detailed trends over time.

Yearly Publications

Open Access gives you the breadth of our research, from interactive charts to detailed data.

Focused Topics and Segments

Nuanced industry expertise on the many segments of travel, tourism and hospitality.

We produce several high-profile conferences in the United States and Europe and partner with conferences around the world. Industry leaders and company analysts bring Phocuswright's research to life by debating issues, sharing ideas and defining the ever-evolving reality of travel commerce.

Phocuswright also operates PhocusWire, a daily media service that covers the world of digital travel with news, analysis, commentary and opinion from across the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors.

The company is headquartered in the United States, with Asia Pacific operations based in India and local analysts on five continents.

Phocuswright is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northstar Travel Media, LLC.