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March 2020
Phocuswright Research

You might like these resources

We're here to help you through this challenging period with analyst expertise, PhocusWire resources and the Phocuswright community of partners, brands and contributors. It's important to keep up-to-date on all of the news impacting the industry, so we've put together all of the resources we have:

NEW: COVID-19 Hotel Forecast

While many are looking backwards to compare the current market environment with the post-9/11 or 2008 Great Recession periods, Phocuswright prefers to look forward – trying to address the tough questions weighing on our collective minds. View the first edition in this Hotel Forecast series: New York City.

The PhocusWire live blog

Your go-to: The PhocusWire live blog is constantly updated by our team of editors, plus you can get all of the team's coronavirus content and coverage here.

InPhocus podcast 

Phocuswright and PhocusWire have launched a new podcast, InPhocus, where the media and research divisions of our family unite for a regular dissection of the news, issues and trends in travel, tourism, hospitality and technology.

Episode 1: The state of the industry in these unprecedented times
Episode 2: In the midst of a crisis we can rethink the rules
Episode 3: Living with the virus, thinking about a reset for tourism

Analysts available for media

Phocuswright's global cadre of analysts are available to speak with press and media about the current impact and future outlook of the industry. If you have an inquiry or need support for a story, contact the communications team here.

What's Happening?

A summary of what the travel industry faces when people remain in place. Read it here

PhocusWire articles

'Nothing will be the same.' How Italian hoteliers are coping with coronavirus fallout is an in-depth interview with our Italy-based analyst, Giancarlo Carniani.

Confronted by crisis, travel startups weigh difficult - and personal - decisions explores how for startups, the impact can feel particularly dramatic: Not only are these businesses equipped with fewer resources, funds and time, but also, the close-knit nature of their workforces means that even one shift within the company is often felt by all.

Digital travel brands want the same bailouts from governments as hotels and airlines

Keeping communication channels open is critical for airlines during a crisis

From: We haven't been here before, a message from PhocusWire's editor in chief, Kevin May:
"The industry needs smart thinking, collective responsibility and action from brands, an ability to be realistic about how to dig itself out the various holes it will inevitably find itself in and, most importantly, realizing that we can understand and learn from others that perhaps we have ignored previously."

Travel's last big trauma offers few clues for the future is a look at how previous fallouts are not a simple bellwether for the current crisis.

An in-depth Q&A with Group's Jane Sun on weathering the coronavirus storm in China, first published on Web In Travel.

A look at how corporate travel is on the front line of global incidents by reporter Linda Fox

All of PhocusWire's coronavirus coverage

Phocuswright Events

Last week's update about our event, Phocuswright Europe, which has new dates.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.