Research Insights COVID-19 resources for you

COVID-19 resources for you

August 2020
Phocuswright Research

We're here to help you through this challenging period with analyst expertise, PhocusWire resources and the Phocuswright community of partners, brands and contributors. It's important to keep up-to-date on all of the news impacting the industry, so we've put together all of the resources we have:

COVID-19 Hotel Forecast

While many are looking backwards to compare the current market environment with the post-9/11 or 2008 Great Recession periods, Phocuswright prefers to look forward – trying to address the tough questions weighing on our collective minds. View the latest editions in this Hotel Forecast series:

PhuketChicagoTorontoKey WestDallasSydneyLos AngelesBostonLondonSan FranciscoSingaporeNew York City

COVID-19 Research

Phocuswright analysts have completed several research updates exploring key information and data points regarding the impact of the coronavirus epidemic travel segments and markets around the globe.

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New Reality With ...

New Reality With ... is a new series with PhocusWire where we invite travel industry leaders to discuss pressure points, how brands will evolve & the outlook for the future. Each week, Kevin May hosts a new guest. 

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PhocusWire Live Blog

Your go-to: The PhocusWire live blog is constantly updated by our team of editors, plus you can get all of the team's coronavirus content and coverage here.

InPhocus Podcast

Phocuswright and PhocusWire have launched a new podcast, InPhocus, where the media and research divisions of our family unite for a regular dissection of the news, issues and trends in travel, tourism, hospitality and technology.

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Fast Facts: The State of Travel Startups - Winners When the Industry Recovers

Phocuswright shares data and analysis to help map out how startups and travel funding are impacted during this unprecedented coronavirus crisis. Analysts have dug into Phocuswright's State of Startups database to pull out trends related to what industry verticals and horizontals travel tech entrepreneurs are focused on and which are receiving the most funding.

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Webinar: Clarity in a Time of Crisis

In the fourth edition of Miles Partnership's Clarity in a Time of Crisis webinar series, the focus will be on the theme of planning for recovery. This edition pairs Phocuswright's latest research with insights and advice from a destination known for its long-time innovative marketing initiatives, Travel Michigan.

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Fast Facts: Traveler Sentiment in the Age of COVID-19

Phocuswright surveyed travelers from the U.S., the U.K., France and Germany to understand traveler sentiment during the coronavirus pandemic and early indicators on travel intent post-pandemic. The survey included questions about how travelers’ plans have been impacted, their satisfaction with companies when changing their travel plans, considerations for future travel, and more.

Phocuswright presented the full findings and insights into the implications for the global travel industry. This event will give viewers a direct feel for consumer intent, coupled with analysis from our seasoned researchers.

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Analysts Available for Media

Phocuswright's global cadre of analysts are available to speak with press and media about the current impact and future outlook of the industry. If you have an inquiry or need support for a story, contact the communications team here.

What's Happening?

A summary of what the travel industry faces when people remain in place. Read it here

PhocusWire Coverage

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Phocuswright Events

Phocuswright Europe Online 2020 takes place in early September in an online setting, with a continued focus on identifying solutions to accelerate travel’s recovery and pursuing new growth opportunities in an unpredictable environment. We’ll provide networking opportunities to meet like-minded attendees and facilitate informative live sessions, breakouts and one-on-one meetings - all in an online platform.

The Phocuswright Conference, November 16-19, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona AND online.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.