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Open Access Research Subscription

Research is our priority. Our Open Access research subscription puts the world’s most comprehensive library of travel research and data visualization at your fingertips.

Clients have relied on Phocuswright's deep industry knowledge for over 25 years to power great decisions, help justify a pitch, build a strategic plan and elevate any presentation through trusted research and data. When companies and executives reference Phocuswright, they gain the trust of an industry keen on data, trends and analytics.

The Why

Justify your next business decision Prove your point with trusted analysis and data Validate a new market expansion, product Confirm decisions with confidence

The How

Enterprise access for all ask questions of our analyst Dedicated customer concierge Data and analysis at your fingertips

The Tools

Interactive data visualization platforms Market sizing spreadsheets Deep analysis of industry trends Recommended reading and curated collections

Power User Profiles

Phocuswright Power Users utilize and leverage Phocuswright research to power great decisions at their companies. Learn how real subscribers are using Open Access to take advantage of Phocuswright's vast research library and data visualization tools.

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Open Access Features and Benefits

Your team enjoys company-wide access to our research and data library, analyst expertise, event discounts and more.

  • Phocal Point interactive data products
  • Market sizing
  • Market forecasts
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Consumer surveys
  • Technology trends
  • Startup data
  • Insight and commentary
  • Industry surveys
  • Data collection
  • In-depth original reports
  • Segment data
  • Access to analyst hours
  • Event discounts
  • Concierge library services

Benefits Tailored to Your Company

Phocuswright works closely with companies in all sectors of the travel industry to provide the research and data needed to make smart business decisions. Explore the Open Access benefits best suited to your company.

Open Access Readership Demographics

Open Access Readership Demographic By Sector

Open Access readership demographics by sector

Open Access Readership Demographic By Title

Open Access readership demographics by title

Open Access Readership Demographic By Region

Open Access readership demographics by region

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