Phocuswright's Open Access Research Subscription

Phocuswright's Open Access research subscription puts the most comprehensive library of travel research and data visualization at your fingertips.

At Phocuswright, research always comes first. Our sole focus on travel drives everything we do from fielding surveys and collecting data, to analyzing and interpreting every fact and figure and writing in-depth reports in-house. Our rigorous and independent research fuels strategic decisions at companies across all travel verticals.

With over 20 years of expertise, Phocuswright research is the best way to gain travel industry knowledge, understand market and segment dynamics, as well as consumer and technology trends.

Open Access Features

  • Market sizing
  • Market forecasts
  • Segment data
  • Consumer surveys
  • Technology trends
  • Insight and commentary
  • Interactive chart platform
  • Startup data

Access Benefits

  • Company-wide access to all Phocuswright syndicated material published prior to and during subscription term
  • Phocal Point interactive data product
  • Access to Analyst hours
  • Event discounts
  • Concierge library services

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Get access to Special Project data and content with an Open Access+ subscription.

Segment Specific Benefits

Companies and executives from all segments of travel rely on Phocuswright research to make sound business decisions. Explore how your segment can benefit from Open Access:


Gain a competitive advantage with Phocuswright's vast library of research on the online travel market. Phocuswright's market sizing and forecasting is the industry standard. Our research is the most credible source for accurate, thorough data and projections over the next several years.

  • Market Sizing
  • Technology trends
  • Consumer Trends
  • Interactive data platform

Tech Service Providers

Leverage Phocuswright expertise on the latest technology. Browse our reports on big data, booking, travel distribution, trends and more technology-related information.

  • Market sizing data
  • Technology trends
  • Startup data and information


Phocuswright's research on consumer technology, social media, booking tendencies, brand loyalty and all other traveler decisions will help you stay abreast of consumer trends.

  • Consumer behavior trends
  • Segment market sizing regionally and globally
  • Interactive data platform to create custom charts for use in sales presentations


Phocuswright's destination coverage includes everything from the activities, attractions and tours travelers do in-destination and how they decide where to go, to analyses of specific types of destinations, like ski resorts and local travel.

  • Consumer trends
  • Unprecedented research on the tours and activities segment
  • Frequent updates and articles on private accommodations

Financial Services/Consulting

Our analysts are hand-selected to provide nuanced industry expertise on the many topics of travel, tourism and hospitality. Whether your company needs information on consumer trends, mobile, destinations, technology and more, Phocuswright has you covered.

  • Market sizing data
  • Interactive data visualization to get to specific data quickly
  • Ability to download data for models

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