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Open Access: Phocal Point

Phocal Point's data-focused metrics and intelligence supplements the Open Access subscription, creating a 360-degree view into what matters most to your business.

Phocal Point is all about the data – accessible via online, interactive charts.

Use Phocal Point to compare and contrast data for market size, market share, segment share, channel share and online channel share (OTA and online supplier direct) per segment (air, car rental, hotel and rail). Phocuswright's proprietary travel industry market sizing data has projections through 2022 and historical data from 2009. Data can be translated into multiple currencies. The tool visualizes data for 38 markets, with aggregation to the regional and global level.

The State of Startups interactive database allows you to sort and filter a list of over 2,500 companies founded since 2005, by founded year, total funding, company status, vertical and horizontal categories and more.

Phocal Point is available as part of the Open Access subscription.

Evaluate the current and projected addressable market to support your strategy:

  • What is the size of the global travel market?
  • What percentage of global travel is online?
  • Which regions have the highest year-over-year growths?
  • Which regions have the most OTA bookings?
  • What is the segment share (air, hotel) per region?
  • Which countries are growing the fastest online?
  • Which countries have the largest gross bookings?

With its flexible, easy-to-use design and navigation, you can:

  • Configure chart views for use in internal and external presentations
  • Download and export raw data to Excel

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