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Welcome to Phocal Point, an interactive data platform that gives you a 360-degree view of the metrics and intelligence that help you predict future trends and plan with confidence. Phocal Point is an included element of the Open Access Research Subscription.

  • Simplify complex data
  • Enhance decision making
  • Encourage data exploration
  • Increase efficiency and understanding

What is Phocal Point?

A redesigned experience makes it easier to access and interpret Phocuswright data.

It's all about the data. With an updated navigation interface, new dynamic filtering, additional segment and channel breakouts in select markets and rich detailed views of 35+ markets, Phocal Point allows you to create custom interactive charts and view travel data by segment, channel, device, region and country. Our proprietary travel industry market sizing data allows you to look to the future with projections through 2026, and review historical data as far back as 2009.

Data points for market sizing include:

  • Market size
  • Market share
  • Annual change
  • Segment share (air, car, hotel and rail)
  • Online channel share
  • OTA/supplier share
  • Desktop/mobile share
  • More than 35 regional and global markets
  • Conversion into multiple foreign currencies

Get Interactive

Our flexible navigation and straightforward design allow you to create customized charts for internal and external presentations with new export capabilities.

Evaluate the market:

Phocal Point data allows you to get the answers you need to evaluate the current and projected markets and support your strategy.

Tackle these questions with Phocal Point:

  • What is the size of the global travel market?
  • What percentage of global travel is online?
  • Which regions have the highest year-over-year growths?
  • Which regions have the most online travel agency bookings?
  • What is the industry segment share per region?
  • Which countries are growing the fastest online?
  • Which countries have the largest gross bookings?

Phocal Point and Interactive Charts

Interactive platform

Quick + easy data visualization

Create customized charts

Download for easy access

Analyze markets

Compare regions

Compare markets by segment or channel

Data & projections available from 2009-2026

Interactive Charts by Country

Multiple years for total market, segment, channel

Segments side-by-side

Channels side-by-side

2025 country projections

Get Phocal Point With Open Access

Phocal Point is an included element of the Open Access Research Subscription.

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