Spain Online Travel 2018: Key Developments

Spain Online Travel 2018: Key Developments Published November 2018 Analysts: Fabian Gonzalez, David Juman, Cathy Walsh


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Spain’s travel industry faces some challenges, most notably in the hotel segment, where private rentals pose a threat to traditional accommodations and competing destinations pressure Spanish hotels to work harder to attract travelers. Meanwhile, the country’s sole rail operator must contend with increased competition from low-cost airlines and the likely entry of other rail players into the market. This publication presents a high-level summary of the Spanish travel market, focusing on the need-to-know developments, trends and stories that are impacting the market now.

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  • Introduction
  • Hotels face triple threat from rentals, alternative destinations, Brexit
  • Ready for takeoff: airlines vie for growth amid rebound
  • Solo no more: Renfe to face competitors by air and land
  • Tech, mobile emerging as key differentiators
  • Methodology
FREE for Open Access Subscribers