Germany Online Travel Overview 2018

Germany Online Travel Overview 2018 Published December 2018 Analysts: Linda Schmidt, David Juman, Ralph Merten, Karen Burka


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Although Germany’s travel market is the largest in Europe, the country’s aging population often prefers more personalized travel planning, and offline transactions remain vital. Online penetration is climbing, however, and supplier-direct online channels are experiencing the fastest growth. This report provides a top-level overview of the German travel market, including background, key characteristics, market structure and major players in each segment.

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  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Travel Distribution Landscape
  • Online Dynamics
  • Segment Snapshot
    • Airlines
    • Hotels and Lodging
    • Rail
    • Car Rental
    • Tour Operators
  • Online Travel Agencies and Other Intermediaries
  • Methodology
US $795 
CA $1,047 • £621 • €720
FREE for Open Access Subscribers
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