Germany Online Travel Overview 2019

Germany Online Travel Overview 2019 Published November 2019 Analysts: Linda Schmidt, Ralph Merten, Karen Burka


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German airlines are facing key challenges on multiple fronts, including competition from foreign carriers, rising fuel prices and growing environmental activism that promotes other forms of travel instead of flying. In the accommodations segment, meanwhile, the hotel industry is stepping up its battle against OTAs and short-term rental sites such as Airbnb. This publication presents a high-level summary of the German travel market, focusing on the need-to-know developments, trends and stories that are impacting the market now.

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  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Travel Distribution Landscape
  • Online Dynamics
  • Segment Snapshot
    • Airlines
    • Hotels and Lodging
    • Rail
    • Car Rental
    • Tour Operators
  • Online Travel Agencies and Other Intermediaries
  • Methodology
US $795 
CA $1,053 • £604 • €717
FREE for Open Access Subscribers
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