Scandinavia Online Travel 2018: Key Developments

Scandinavia Online Travel 2018: Key Developments Published November 2018 Analysts: Benedikt Hofmeister, David Juman, Ralph Merten, Karen Burka


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Coupled with Scandinavia’s 98% internet and 78% smartphone penetration rates, the trend toward a cashless society bodes well for the region’s online travel market. Scandinavia’s three government-owned railways stand front and center in the travel market’s digital transformation, innovating around their digital services and Wi-Fi offerings. In the air segment, on the other hand, uncertainty surrounds Norwegian Air, which has been plagued by mounting debt and is a likely acquisition target for one or more larger carriers. This publication presents a high-level summary of the Scandinavian travel market, focusing on the need-to-know developments, trends and stories that are impacting the market now.

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  • Introduction
  • Consumers go cashless, fueling online travel growth
  • All eyes on Norwegian Air
  • Railways on track with digital transformation
  • Sweden’s regional airports lead passenger gains
  • Hotel supply expands as demand spikes
  • Methodology
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