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Sustainable Tourism

A Phocuswright Special Project

Sustainable Tourism


The COVID-19 pandemic saw stakeholders accelerate investments and activity in various areas related to sustainability.​

  • Travelers are increasingly aware of the impact of their actions on destinations and host communities. Interest in the environment and will impact their future travel decisions. ​
  • Travel companies are introducing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, conserve nature and help local communities. Sustainable practices are now a core business priority driven by consumer expectations.​
  • Destinations are rebooting their tourism strategies to protect their people, heritage and economies. Introducing caps on visitor numbers, adding fees, encouraging tourists to visit lesser-known places and off-the-beaten-path and promoting local food, activities and experiences are among the actions being taken or considered.​

With ‘sustainability’ not a buzzword anymore, it is imperative for travel brands to understand the changing consumer and how purchasing decisions are impacted by their attitudes towards sustainability.​

Responsible and eco-friendly brands can not only make a meaningful contribution to the planet and society but also gain a competitive advantage. Those who still ignore the shift risk getting left behind.​

Phocuswright aims to help the industry:​

  • Gain insights into the new-age conscious traveler and their awareness, attitudes, motivations and behaviors​
  • Learn about destinations’ approaches to a thriving tourism ecosystem​

Key Questions To Be Addressed 

The Traveler View​

  • What is the profile of the conscious traveler?​

  • What is the level of awareness of sustainability as it relates to travel among consumers? What is important to them? 

  • What do they perceive to be their most harmful actions?

  • How do sustainability concerns impact destination selection and product decisions?  ​

  • Which measures to support sustainability are most acceptable to travelers? What are they willing to pay more for? 

The Destination View​

  • What does sustainability really mean for destinations?​

  • What approaches are destinations taking to overcome challenges like over-tourism in the near term? How are they thinking about and transitioning to new tourism models for long-term benefit?  ​

  • How are they collaborating with other stakeholders to achieve their strategic aims?​

  • What are their expectations from travelers? How can they encourage travelers to behave more responsibly?​

  • How are they messaging and marketing sustainable practices to attract visitors?

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