U.S. Airlines 2018: Key Developments

U.S. Airlines 2018: Key Developments Published December 2018 Analysts: Michael Gerra, Cathy Walsh, Maggie Rauch


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The advent of basic economy fares has enabled full-service U.S. airlines to offer unbundled services and compete with LCCs more effectively. Offers continue to evolve as airlines try various bundles and combinations to see what gains traction. Therefore, the shopping and booking experience is now supported by richer content as airlines seek to differentiate their basic fare offerings and ancillaries. In 2018, ancillaries account for 12% of U.S. airlines’ passenger-related revenue, and this share is expected to continue trending upward. This report presents a high-level summary of the U.S. airline segment, focusing on the need-to-know developments, trends and stories that are impacting the market now.

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  • Introduction
  • Merchandising: Basic Economy and Beyond
  • Ancillaries: A Growing Slice of the Revenue Pie
  • Airlines Looking to Metasearch to Trim Online Distribution Costs
  • New Distribution Capability (NDC): Coming Slowly to an Airline Near You
  • Methodology
FREE for Open Access Subscribers