Experiences 2019: U.S. Travel Activities Market Opportunity & Consumer Behavior

Experiences 2019: U.S. Travel Activities Market Opportunity & Consumer Behavior Published March 2019 Analysts: Alice Jong, Cathy Walsh


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Travel is an experience. It’s about dreams and relationships. Daring, exploring, learning. Doing and not doing. Indulging and relaxing. Connecting, reconnecting. Travel is about being there. Active travelers, those who participate in travel activities, are a passionate subset who place high importance on travel. Travel is a key part of their life, and they take more trips and spend more on travel annually than the average leisure traveler. Flights and accommodation can be a notable part of the travel experience if a traveler is in a front-of-plane seat or staying in a unique accommodation, but mostly these products serve as logistics. It’s the things travelers do when they get there that inspire them to go places. Seven in 10 travelers consider activity options as an important factor when deciding on their destination, and more than one third start researching activities before they book any other trip elements. 

Phocuswright's Experiences 2019: U.S. Market Opportunity and Consumer Behavior tracks the U.S. travel activities sector, examining how U.S. consumers view and engage with activities, and charts the activity provider and seller marketplace. In this report, you will learn:

  • Who the active traveler is – how they profile themselves, what motivates them to travel and choose particular activities
  • The traveler activity lifecycle – where, how and when travelers research and book activities and why
  • The size and composition of the U.S. travel activities marketplace and forecasts through 2022
  • The state of U.S. activity supply – online distribution, technology adoption and marketing tactics
  • The outlook for online intermediaries and suppliers’ attitudes toward online distribution

  • Overview: The Rise of Experiences
  • Key Findings
    • The Active Traveler
    • Size of the Pie
    • Research and Booking: When, Where, Why
    • Activity providers finally on board with digital sales
    • A pending to-do list beyond distribution
  • Methodology and Objectives
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • Introducing the Active Traveler
  • Size of the Travel Activities Opportunity
  • The Importance of Activities to Travelers
  • Activity Lifecycle Timeline
    • Research
    • Booking
  • How They Do It: Research and Booking
    • Research
    • Booking
  • A Positive Experience Overall
  • Activity Providers: The State of the Business
    • Third-Party Rez Tech Rising
    • Sales & Distribution
    • Role of Online Intermediaries
    • Discoverability in the Chaos
    • Slow Progress for Mobile Ticketing
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US $995 
CA $1,310 • £777 • €901
FREE for Open Access Subscribers
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