Research Insights InPhocus, Episode 5 - Showing your value when a crisis hits

InPhocus, Episode 5 - Showing your value when a crisis hits

Business travel might be one of the sectors that eventually gets hit the hardest from the impact of the coronavirus - but the sector came into its own when the outbreak began.

Travel managers and travel management companies did what they do best: looking after employees, getting them home as soon a possible and adhering to the duty of care policies that underpin the sector.

It was an effort that had been years in the planning, having learned from the Iceland volcano in 2010 and other major events that had an impact on the business travel community.

But now that hardened road warriors and semi-regular employees who travel for their businesses are cocooned in their homes, corporate travel brands are beginning to look at what comes next for their customers.

In a wide-ranging interview with Miriam Moscovici of BCD Travel (a regular PhocusWire PundIT Show guest), we learn what's at stake for business travel, how sustainability will remain an important issue and how videoconferencing will eventually give way once more to face-to-face meetings.

The interview was conducted by Phocuswright's Charuta Fadnis, who is then joined by PhocusWire's Kevin May to discuss Moscovici's points of view.

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