Research Insights InPhocus, Episode 4 - A jolt to make us all think

InPhocus, Episode 4 - A jolt to make us all think

April 2020
Phocuswright Research

Yeoh Siew Hoon, founder of PhocusWire sister brand WebInTravel, has been in the perhaps rather unfortunate position of seeing the coronavirus have an impact on her country twice. 

Singapore took steps to mitigate the problem quickly after the initial outbreak started reaching out from China in January, and now, two months on, the city-state is experiencing a second wave of social and travel restrictions. 

She also knows a lot about the travel industry, especially as it relates to Asia Pacific and the myriad of brands and startups that reside there. 

In this episode of InPhocus, she discusses the impact of COVID-19 on both her country and the industry, plus how its arrival as mass global event is giving brands and the industry's millions of workers the opportunity to consider how they might emerge in better shape. 

This is a chance "to make it happen," she says. 

The full interview is included in the latest episode of InPhocus, this week hosted by PhocusWire's Kevin May.


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