Research Insights InPhocus, Episode 2 - In the midst of a crisis we can rethink the rules

InPhocus, Episode 2 - In the midst of a crisis we can rethink the rules

March 2020
Phocuswright Research

The interaction between people in the industry has taken an unusual turn in recent weeks and months. 

Before the usual conversations about business, many discussions have inevitably started with asking how a person's family, city or country is fairing under the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

"Are you in lock-down yet?" "Have the schools closed?" etc. 

The empathetic side of human nature has become more important than simply diving in and discussing the machinations of the industry. 

And thus how it was when interviewing our guest for the latest episode of InPhocus: Florence, Italy-based Giancarlo Carniani, manager three properties in the city and president of Confindustria Alberghi Firenze, the region’s hotel association. 

The country has been in lock-down for almost two weeks. His properties are empty. The city is empty of tourists. 

The situation is difficult to imagine for those yet to experience it (many soon will, sadly) but Carniani is also already thinking about what comes next - not only for his business but also the entire way his part of the industry may operate in the future.

The rules are going to be rewritten, it would be safe to say.   

Our interview with him forms the backbone of this episode and is a follow-up to an earlier discussion with him that was published on PhocusWire earlier this week (five days feels like a long time these days). PhocusWire's Kevin May and Charuta Fadnis, Phocuswright's head of research, are your hosts.

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