Research Insights The winners of travel product consumption

The winners of travel product consumption

July 2018
Phocuswright Research

The winners of travel product consumption

The leisure traveler population grew in 2017, but the benefits were not felt equally across all travel segments. While the purchase incidence for some travel products declined, there were gains for others.

Private Accommodation
Three in 10 travelers stayed in a private accommodation at least once in 2017.

Destinations Close to Home
Travelers were more likely to choose no-fuss destinations that require paid lodging, but didn't always include a flight.

Car Rentals
Closer destinations meant rental incidence increased slightly.

Four in 10 travelers researched activities before booking flights or hotels. Online sources represented three of the top four activities research methods.

Areas for Improvement
Fewer travelers stayed in a hotel. After a bright increase in 2016 where 73% of travelers stayed in a hotel, 2017 saw only 68% of U.S. travelers stay in a hotel.

Air purchases declined in 2017, with many trips including paid lodging only.

Prepackaged Vacations & Cruise
With the increase in close-to-home trips, purchase incidence of prepackaged vacations stayed flat and cruise fell slightly.

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