Travel Advertising in U.S. and Europe: Industry Sizing and Trends

Travel Advertising in U.S. and Europe: Industry Sizing and Trends Published November 2018 Analysts: Alice Jong, Bob Sacco, George Skarpelos, Marina Lähteenmäki, Douglas Quinby


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Technology has driven massive shifts in consumer travel behavior. Travelers now dream of, research, shop and book their travel across devices, and are led into the funnel through various advertising channels. The travel industry has bounced back after a few difficult years, and advertising budgets are likewise rising. Based on a combination of executive interviews, surveys and market sizing work, this report represents a deep dive into the travel ad spend landscape in the U.S. and Europe, exploring the essential trends that define digital travel advertising. Specific topics include:

  • Analysis of travel ad spend by travel companies in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany
  • Spend allocation by device, channel and ad product
  • Implementation and effectiveness of various ad products
  • Impact of emerging technologies on ad spend
  • Conversions, brand awareness, attributions and more

  • Overview: The Push and Pull of Travel Advertising
  • Key Takeaways
    • Online Travel Is Travel
    • Mobile and Desktop Are Not One in The Same
    • SEM Delivers the Conversions but the Dependency Is Problematic
    • Distinct Channel Strategies Connect to Distinct Channel Goals
    • TV Is Keeping Offline Relevant for Now
    • So Many Advertising Channels, So Little Attribution
  • Research Methodology, Scope, and Objectives
  • Size and Segmentation of Travel Advertising Spend
  • Traditional Methods Deliver for Brands: An Ode to Offline Ad Spend
  • Mobile and Desktop Working Hand in Hand
  • Sticking to What Works – SEM Reigns Supreme in Online Spend
  • The Big Three: Search, Social, Display
    • Keeping the Clicks Coming at Any Cost
    • Facebook as a Synonym for Social Media
    • Standing Behind Display No Matter Its Complexities
  • Brand Awareness vs. Direct Response
  • Attribution & Metrics
  • What's Next: Emerging Tech
  • Appendix
    • Display Advertising Technology Glossary
    • Attribution Glossary
  • Partners
  • Sponsors
FREE for Open Access, Global Subscribers