Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview

Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview Published July 2012 Analysts: Maggie Rauch, Krassi Simonski, Gustaf Moell


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Eastern Europe's travel market is a sleeping giant just beginning to wake up. The region is one of contrasts, with plenty of factors dragging down the general upward trends and some key ingredients to a booming online travel industry still missing. From Internet penetration to online payment to supplier websites and OTA offerings, all of the components for web-based travel booking are improving, but it remains to be seen which companies will win out against fierce competition and emerge in leading roles in this increasingly lucrative region.

Phocuswright's Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview presents market sizing and projections for Eastern Europe's total and online leisure and unmanaged business travel markets through 2013. The report analyzes competitive dynamics throughout the region, with insight into online travel adoption in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and the Czech Republic. Highlights include:

  • Total market and online leisure/unmanaged business travel bookings for 2009-2013
  • Analysis of major travel product segments – air, lodging, rail, car rental and tour operators
  • Comparison of supplier-branded websites and online travel agencies (OTAs, including bookings and projected growth rates through 2013)
  • Discussion of the OTA landscape, including key players, recent developments and the relative influence of local versus global OTAs
  • Impact of mobile, search and social website

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  • Introduction
  • Regional Overview
  • Key Findings
  • Research Background and Overview/Methodology
  • Market Size and Structure
    • Total and Online Markets
  • Online Travel Agencies
    • The Coming Consolidation
  • Suppliers
    • Air
      • Low-Cost Carriers
    • Lodging
    • Tour Operators
    • Rail
    • Car Rental
  • Technology Trends
    • Internet Penetration and Credit Card Use
    • Search, Social, Mobile and More
  • Conclusion
  • Sponsors

Phocuswright's Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview presents findings from Phocuswright research conducted in 2011 on the total and online Eastern European leisure and unmanaged business travel markets, with particular emphasis on the following objectives:

  • Size Eastern Europe's total and online leisure and unmanaged business travel markets, including key market projections through 2013
  • Compare market size and trends across travel product segments – air, lodging, rail, car rental and tour operators
  • Analyze the primary online booking channels - supplier direct vs. intermediaries
  • Contrast Eastern Europe's travel market with other global markets, and identify select individual country trends
  • Highlight key players and dynamics that are influencing the market

To evaluate the markets, Phocuswright conducted interviews with executives from a range of travel companies, including suppliers, intermediaries, technology providers and media sites. Companies were selected to provide the broadest possible representation across the industry:

  • Travel suppliers - airlines, hotels, tour operators and car rental companies
  • Intermediaries - traditional travel agencies, OTAs, aggregators and global distribution systems (GDSs)
  • Technology providers and media sites - booking engines, metasearch sites, social networks, user-generated review sites, general search, travel guides and mobile technology providers

Estimates and projections in Phocuswright's Eastern Europe Online Travel Overview focus on 11 countries chosen on the basis of the size of their travel markets and the relative maturity of their online travel activity: Russia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Travel bookings are counted as online bookings as long as the reservation is made online. A reservation made online but paid for offline is counted as an online booking. Unless otherwise indicated, all Internet sales are based on gross bookings – that is, the total transaction value of products sold online in Eastern Europe – for leisure and unmanaged business travel sites (i.e., consumer-facing websites that sell to individuals, including unmanaged business travelers purchasing outside of corporate travel policies). They also include sales from non-Eastern European travel suppliers that are transacted via Eastern Europe-based OTAs. All financial information is based on data obtained from company interviews or publicly available financial reports. Estimates and projections are based on executive interviews, third-party information, web traffic results, economic indicators, market trends and Phocuswright analysis. Phocuswright market size estimates and projections are based on the local market results of pan-Eastern Europe online travel agencies, the results of local OTAs, and total gross sales reported by local suppliers. Data is actual for 2009 and 2010 and projected for 2011-2013.

Totals may not always equal 100% due to rounding. Non-hospitality suppliers' online sales are assigned to the market in which the supplier is headquartered or has the domain (in the case of OTAs). Hospitality suppliers' gross bookings are based on revenues generated by properties in the country's source market. Room revenue for hotels and guesthouse/bed and breakfast (B&B) establishments are included. All currencies are in U.S. dollars (US$) and converted at the average rate for the period they represent. References to the "travel market" are understood to cover the total travel market, and "traditional travel agency" refers to principally offline travel agencies.

US $995 
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