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Phocuswright's coverage of travel's third-largest segment includes everything from the experiences, activities, attractions and tours that travelers do in-destination and how they decide where to go, to the outlook for online intermediaries' and suppliers' attitudes toward online distribution.

    Germany Consumer Travel 2021
    ReportGermany Consumer Travel 2021
    Published: November 2021
    The unprecedented global health crisis triggered by COVID-19 affected travel markets and consumer...
    Europe Consumer Travel Report 2021 (Series)
    ReportEurope Consumer Travel Report 2021 (Series)
    Published: October 2021
    The global pandemic severely limited leisure travel in 2020 and 2021, and all travel segments...
    The State of Innovation in Corporate Travel 2022
    ArticleThe State of Innovation in Corporate Travel 2022
    Published: October 2022
    Due to the pandemic, quarantines and remote working policies became the norm, slashing corporate...
    U.S. Traveler Behavior: Must-Haves for Moving Forward
    ReportU.S. Traveler Behavior: Must-Haves for Moving Forward
    Published: September 2021
    While the pandemic has deeply affected all aspects of leisure travel, many consumers are clearly...
    U.S. Travel Market Report 2021-2025
    ReportU.S. Travel Market Report 2021-2025
    Published: April 2022
    The U.S. travel industry began its post-COVID recovery in 2021. Exceeding expectations, the market...
    Gen Z Travelers: A Breed of Their Own
    ReportGen Z Travelers: A Breed of Their Own
    Published: August 2021
    Gen Z (born 1997-2003) is the youngest generation to come of age and contribute to overall travel...
    Travel Startups Interactive Database
    Interactive ChartsTravel Startups Interactive Database
    Published: May 2024
    Phocuswright has tracked the travel startup landscape for well over a decade. During this time, the...
    Interactive Charts
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