Evolution of Air Distribution: History and Background (Part 1)

A Four-Part Analysis of Market Landscape, Dynamics and Challenges

Evolution of Air Distribution: History and Background (Part 1) Published September 2019 Analyst: Michael Gerra


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Air distribution is a constantly changing story – a revolution that’s been 70 years in the making. The modern airline industry is somewhat unique in being among the first to distribute its product electronically to customers on a massive scale, and it did so decades before the rise of the internet. This publication, part of a four-part series analyzing the complex dynamics of the air distribution sector, examines the history, notable events, players and trends that have shaped air distribution technologies and standards. 

Also in this series:

  • Introduction
    • Aim of This Research
    • Methodology
  • Distribution Landscape: History and Background
    • 1950s-1970s: Airlines Embrace Automation
    • 1980s-1990s Distribution Comes Online
    • 2000s-2010s eCommerce and the LCCs
  • Distribution Components: Key Players and Standards
    • Key Tech Players in Distribution Ecosystem
      • IT Providers
      • Aggregators
      • Industry Consortia
    • Evolution of Distribution Standards
      • ATPCO Shifts Strategy: From Fares Clearinghouse to Merchandising
      • IATA’s Changing Role in Distribution / Payment Programs
    • NDC and ONE Order
      • NDC Reaches a Tipping Point of Sorts
      • ONE Order Continues the Evolution
  • Conclusion
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