Russia Consumer Travel Report

Russia Consumer Travel Report Published July 2015 Analyst: Charuta Fadnis


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Although Russia's economic picture isn't pretty, its travel market is a different story. With low unemployment rates and a growing middle class, traveling the country – and the world – is a priority for Russians. Although the time may come when they make hard choices about trip duration and destination, Russians are unlikely to let the shrinking economy stop them from exploring.

Phocuswright's Russia Consumer Travel Report provides insight into leisure travel behavior including key metrics such as trip frequency, duration, travel expenditure, product purchase incidence and international travel. It also delves into the trip-planning process from destination selection and research to shopping and booking as well as travelers' behavior on mobile, during the planning phase and in-trip.

Report highlights include:

  • Online/offline booking analysis, as well as online booking trends across key travel products including lodging, air and rail
  • Key mobile trends, including mobile web penetration, current engagement and future interest in travel-related mobile web functionality
  • Participation in social networks, methods for sharing travel-related experiences and activities conducted through online social networks

Purchase Phocuswright's Russian Consumer Travel Report to understand traveler preferences in the changing landscape of Russia.

  • Overview, Methodology and Research Highlights
    • Overview
    • Methodology
    • Research Highlights
      • Can travel, will travel
      • Destination Europe
      • A roof over my head, but for now it’s a hotel
      • A package deal
      • Laptops and desktops dominate
      • Search rules
      • Metasearch and OTA share the spoils
      • Wielding clout
      • The mobile revolution is coming
  • General Travel Behavior
    • Leisure Travel Incidence
    • Trip Frequency
    • Product Purchase Incidence
    • Annual Household Travel Spend
  • Last Trip
    • Travel Destinations
    • Trip Duration
    • Travel Products
    • Trip Spend
  • Trip Planning – Online and Mobile Behavior
    • Device Ownership
    • Travel Planning
  • Destination Selection
  • Shopping
    • Online Shopping Channels and Devices
  • Booking
    • Booking Channels and Devices
    • Reasons for Booking Offline, Direct and via OTA
  • In-Destination and Sharing
  • Demographics

Phocuswright fielded an online consumer survey December 12-17, 2014, through Global Market Insite, Inc., targeting the general Russian adult population who has internet access and travels for leisure.

To qualify for participation in the study, respondents had to indicate that they had taken at least one leisure trip traveling at least 100 kilometers from home in the past 12 months that included paid lodging and/or air travel and/or rail travel. An additional screener required consumers to have played an active role in planning their leisure trips, and to have gone online to either research travel destinations, and/or shop or book travel and/or share their travel experiences.In this report, "Russian travelers" refers to qualified respondents, and "lodging" refers to the broad range of paid accommodations, including hotels, other nightly priced lodging products, timeshares and vacation rentals.

Phocuswright received 995 qualified responses, and the weighted respondent pool can be projected with confidence to the adult Russian population with internet access. A total of 2,705 respondents were surveyed to obtain baseline metrics about travelers and non-travelers within the general online population. The error interval for analysis of the Russian traveler population is +/-3.1% at a 95% confidence level.

Based on data from the Russian Federation Federal State Statistics Service, Phocuswright projects the number of Russian adults with internet access who took at least one leisure trip (as previously defined) in 2014 to be 49 million. These travelers represent 41% of the total Russian adult population. The additional requirements for respondents to have played an active role in their travel planning and used the internet to either research travel destinations, and/or shop or book travel and/or share their travel experiences further tightens the study's focus, as 7% of travelers were consequently disqualified. These respondents who traveled but did not plan their trips and use the internet as required by the study are included in the traveler incidence calculation, but excluded from subsequent analysis.

US $995 
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