Research Insights Travel (once again) tops the list of spending priorities in the U.K.

Travel (once again) tops the list of spending priorities in the U.K.

August 2023
Phocuswright Research

The number of U.K. travelers (and percent of the population traveling) has surpassed 2019 levels. According to Phocuswright’s latest travel report U.K. Consumer Travel 2023, travel incidence recovered strongly across all age groups, as did both spend and frequency.

Travel continues to top the list of spending priorities among U.K. adults, particularly since they can do more of it now than during pandemic times (though it was a high priority even when they couldn’t do much of it).

Phocuswright Chart: UK Consumer Spending
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For those who did not travel, they cited financial considerations and economic difficulties as a key reason.

Phocuswright’s Europe Consumer Travel Report 2023 series provides a snapshot of Europeans’ recent behavior and sentiment regarding travel in the post-pandemic environment. Based on a comprehensive survey of European (French, German, Italian, Spanish, British) leisure travelers, this collection of reports provides a range of data and analysis on the European consumer travel market. Each country-focused report in this series examines core consumer metrics, the travel shopping and booking experience, key travel product consumption and more.

In the U.K., despite challenging market conditions, travel and tourism remain a high priority purchase for consumers. In fact, travel incidence has exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the British market. This report, based on a comprehensive survey of U.K. travelers and those who plan to travel in the future, explores U.K. consumers’ trip-planning and purchasing behavior, and their attitudes toward travel in 2023 and beyond. Also in this series (available now or coming soon):

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