Research Insights 8 biggest trends in tech and innovation in 1 minute

8 biggest trends in tech and innovation in 1 minute

March 2023
Phocuswright Research

Each year, Phocuswright's expert analysts identify the technology and innovation trends that will influence travel significantly in the coming year and beyond. This year, we’re exploring the growing roles of social media and Web3 in travel, addressing the realities of sustainability and our fragmented technology landscape, and pondering the impact of the next game-changing technologies like generative AI and eVTOLs.

See what they are in 1 minute:

8 biggest trends in travel tech and innovation in 1 minute - #Phocuswright research



This video is a preview of the full report, which features brief introductions to the eight trends that we will cover in the coming months. Stay tuned for each full trend analysis, and for details on a late spring/early summer webinar in which we’ll discuss these trends live.

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