Research Insights Quiz: How well do you know the European short-term renter?

Quiz: How well do you know the European short-term renter?

May 2022
Phocuswright Research
Today's short-term rental (STR) segment has come a long way since its inception. From alternative accommodation to private accommodation and now short-term rental, the names reflect the sector's path to mainstream travel. According to Phocuswright’s latest travel research report Niche No More: European Short-Term Rentals, a full market recovery to pre-pandemic levels is projected to occur in 2023.

STRs have carved out their position as a mainstream option for travelers booking accommodation during their trips. The pandemic provided further impetus for them to move into the public consciousness, though they are still a long way from dethroning hotels as the leader in lodging. As the pandemic simmers, STRs are likely to maintain at least some of the gains they have made during the last two years and remain a viable option for many travelers in future.

Understanding consumer behavior and booking trends is important for the entire European travel industry as demand patterns shift, supply grows and online booking dominance continues.

How well do you know the European short-term traveler?
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This report, based on a comprehensive survey of Europe STR users, hosts and property managers, explores changes in the STR landscape from both consumer and business-side perspectives. Attitudes, goals and behavior are discussed in detail, along with sizing and projections for the market.

Niche No More: European Short-Term Rentals provides an in-depth look into:
  • The size of the market
  • How online dominance continues
  • Market dynamics like guest experience, demand patterns, supply shift and regulatory challenges
  • A complete profile of the European rental traveler
  • Preferences of destination and property types
  • Booking behavior
  • And more
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Answers to the quiz:
  • Close to a third of European travelers stayed in an STR in 2020, but hotels remain the leader in accommodation with an incidence rate of stay of: Over 75%
  • Among those who stayed in STRs, the highest share of age is: 35-55 year olds
  • The percentage of U.K., German and French travelers that ONLY considered a STR is: More than 40%
  • The most common choice for choosing an STR is: Value for money
  • The most popular destination setting for an STR is: Beach/ocean