Research Insights 5 things that U.S. travelers plan to do

5 things that U.S. travelers plan to do

December 2022
Phocuswright Research

Looking forward, U.S. travelers anticipate that their travel behavior will remain stable, or even increase over the coming 12 months.

Phocuswright Chart: Domestic vs. International Trips
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Here are 5 things to know about what U.S. travelers are planning in the future:


Part of the U.S. Consumer Travel Report 2022 series, this report provides baseline data and analysis on U.S. travel demand and traveler considerations going forward, serving as a benchmark as travel companies navigate the recovery.

Key topics addressed include:

  • A broad view of the changes in U.S. travel consumer metrics
  • Breakdown of travel trends and preferences by age cohort
  • Destination decision drivers and influencers
  • Future expectations and anticipated travel plans
  • Barriers to travel in the next 12 months

In this series:

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