Research Insights Everything you need to know about short-term rentals

Everything you need to know about short-term rentals

December 2021
Phocuswright Research

In the dark days of Covid, short-term rentals burst forth as a golden child of travel sectors. With promises of safe, private accommodations and comforts of home, they reached new heights in bookings and ADRs. But as the lodging marketplace moves towards a new equilibrium, will hotels take back the market share they lost during COVID?

New Phocuswright research explores how travelers view the strengths and weaknesses of hotels and short-term rentals, how they decide where to stay, and how providers across lodging categories can better cater to consumer demand.

Madeline List, research analyst, Phocuswright, presented the findings of this new research at The Phocuswright Conference in November 2021.

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