Research Insights InPhocus, Episode 16 - Tales with some optimism

InPhocus, Episode 16 - Tales with some optimism

July 2020
Phocuswright Research

The stories that are emerging from every corner of travel in recent months show an industry with huge levels of resilience and a determination to see things through.

It's perhaps an overly optimistic way to look at things, given that this is a crisis that has no precedence in history and still has a worrying lack of an end in sight.

But if there is one outcome that is particularly noteworthy it is desire for brands or individuals to publicly share those stories of teamwork, strategy and optimism with their peers and, of course, their competitors.

Klaus Kohlmeyer of hotel tech vendor IDEAS set out to capture many of tales from hoteliers over the last few months.

In the latest episode of InPhocus, we speak to him about that collection of interviews for his podcast, Unconstrained Conversations.

In the hot seats as your hosts this week are PhocusWire's Mitra Sorrells and Kevin May.