Research Insights InPhocus, Episode 11 - An opportunity for NDC post-coronavirus

InPhocus, Episode 11 - An opportunity for NDC post-coronavirus

May 2020
Phocuswright Research

IATA's New Distribution Capability project had a rocky start in its bid to redefine airline distribution.

But recent years have seen a cooling of the anger from many sides that surrounded its early days - with almost some sense of peace in the valley between airlines, global distribution systems, intermediaries and other technology players.

But will its gradual  adoption by relevant parties in the ecosystem have been hindered or helped by the outbreak of the coronavirus?

Norm Rose, a Phocuswright analyst and veteran travel technology consultant, thinks the reset phase that airlines currently find themselves in will accelerate NDC as a standard (and more) in aviation.

He described his theory in a post on his website last week and we followed up with him on InPhocus to find about more.

PhocusWire's Linda Fox and Kevin May host this week's episode, book-ending the interview with Rose.