Research Insights Segments benefit from shift in travel trends

Segments benefit from shift in travel trends

September 2019
Phocuswright Research

Segments benefit from shift in travel trends

Although a smaller share of Americans traveled for leisure in 2018 compared to the previous year, some travel segments clearly benefited from a shift in travel trends. A component of the U.S. Consumer Travel Report 2019 series, this Phocuswright travel research report, Travel Product Consumption, examines the popularity of major travel products, with a focus on air, car, hotel, private accommodation and in-destination activities.

The segments that benefited

In 2018, a larger share of travelers chose to fly. Overall air incidence increased to 61%, as more travelers booked a combination of air and lodging. The uptick in air travel was due in part to a decline in road trips. A smaller share of travelers drove to their destination, and those who did were more likely than in previous years to rent a car rather than taking their own vehicle. This trend suggests that for most, the choice was not a money-saving effort.

In addition to the jump in air bookings, travelers were also more likely to take a cruise. Cruise purchase incidence increased three percentage points to 10%. Car rental and prepackaged vacation incidence remained flat.

Phocuswright Chart: Travel Component Purchase Incidence
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From 2016-2018, luxury hotels were big winners, as the overall usage incidence for luxury hotels nearly doubled, pushed by younger travelers (18-34 years old) who stayed in five-star hotels. Overall, hotel bookers spent more than they did the past two years. Younger travelers also embraced private accommodations, indicating that Gen Z may be looking to rentals more so than millennials did at the same age.

Tours and activities, travel’s third-largest segment, continues to dominate travel plans, with more than eight in 10 travelers participating in a travel activity during their last trip.

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