Travel remains a top priority for discretionary spending in Europe

Published October 2018 Analyst: Phocuswright Research


Travel remains a top priority for discretionary spending in Europe

Travel is important to the European culture, regardless of how much or little travelers spend. Travelers may dedicate fewer resources to travel overall, but several annual trips and long-duration escapes are still a priority. Tighter travel budgets don't always mean sharing costs with others, either. European travelers embrace solo travel and are not afraid to foot the bill alone.

This past year, at least two thirds of European adults traveled this past year, according to new travel research by Phocuswright. The U.K. has the highest percentage of online travel incidence, pulling ahead of both France and Germany.

Phocuswright Chart: Leisure Travel Incidence
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The latest in Phocuswright's European travel research series, Europe Consumer Travel 2018: Core Consumer Metrics, dives into the three largest travel markets in Europe, France Germany and the U.K, which account for nearly €120 billion in gross bookings and more than four in 10 European bookings. Further, this report explores key European traveler metrics, including travel frequency and spend, top travel destinations and more.

European travel market research presented at The Phocuswright Conference

Lorraine Sileo, Phocuswright's SVP research and business operations, presents European travel market research on Thursday, November 15 at The Phocuswright Conference.

The segment is followed by an executive interview with the CEO of Europe's largest regional OTA, eDreams ODIGEO.