Research Insights Travel Activities Market to Reach $183 Billion by 2020

Travels Tours and Activities Market to Reach US183B by 2020

July 2017
Alice Jong

Travel activities, the aggregate of traveler spend on tours, activities, attractions and events, reached US$135 billion globally in 2016. It accounts for 10% of global travel revenue and outsizes rail, car rental and cruise.

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Despite being the third-largest travel segment, activities have remained a dark spot in the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry. However, the sector is going through extraordinary change. A vibrant reservation technology startup landscape is laying a critical foundation for sector advancement, and suppliers are finally adapting to the digital age. A host of startups focused on reselling activities have launched and online travel's biggest brands – including Expedia, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor – have moved into this space. All are fueling astonishing sector growth and travel activities is positioned to reach $183 billion by 2020.

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  • The size and composition of the global travel activities marketplace, with regional segmentation and forecasts through 2020
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  • The outlook for online intermediaries' and suppliers' attitudes towards online distribution
  • Trends on distribution, and challenges distributors face in bringing the sector online
  • The state of technology adoption among suppliers and the hurdles ahead for reservation software providers
  • Key players in the online travel activities market – who they are and what they're doing

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