Travel Payments - Free Whitepapers

Published October 2013 Analyst: Marcello Gasdia


Travel Payments - Free Whitepapers

Download free whitepapers developed during Phocuswright's Special Project: Unsettled: Travel Payments and the Cost of Getting Paid.

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Payment Unsettled: Cost, Opportunity and Disruption in Travel's Complex Payment LandscapeBy Phocuswright
Phocuswright's Special Project maps the global travel payments landscape and examines the major changes and challenges shaping payment methods across the travel industry. This report assesses travel payments across four key dimensions:

  1. Payment method: the current awareness, use and trending of established and alternative payment methods.
  2. Travel segment: key differences across airlines, hotels and travel intermediaries, including online travel agencies (OTAs), traditional agencies and TMCs (travel management companies)
  3. Region: the mix of payment methods used and trends vary by region.
  4. Payment model: key challenges and trends across B2B vs. B2C payments for online and offline distribution.

Travel & The Cost of Getting PaidSponsored By Elavon and US Bank
Investigate key global trends around travel distribution, payments and the true cost of payment, with a focus on the rise of emerging markets, shifts from offline to online distribution, and the costs of acceptance, fraud and manual processing.

Virtual Reality: The Rise of Virtual Account Numbers in Travel PaymentsSponsored By eNett
Examine the current role of VANs (virtual account numbers, or virtual credit cards) and their adoption and usage across the travel industry, with a specific focus on travel agencies of all types as well as corporate travel buyers.

Key Trends in Travel Payments in Online Lodging DistributionSponsored by GlobalCollect
Explore key developments in distribution and payments for the online lodging marketplace, including the role of hotel websites and online travel agencies, trends in the "agency" and "merchant" model contracting between lodging suppliers and OTAs, and trends in online payments, emerging payment alternatives and supporting multiple currencies.

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Phocuswright thanks our partners and sponsors for Phocuswright's Payments Unsettled Special Project. Without their active support, this research would not have been possible.

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