European Consumer Travel Report Fourth Edition

European Consumer Travel Report Fourth Edition Published September 2013 Analyst: Marcello Gasdia


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Phocuswright's European Consumer Travel Report Fourth Edition explores consumer travel trends in three major European markets: France, Germany and the U.K. The study outlines year-over-year changes across a comprehensive range of travel metrics, including leisure travel incidence, trip frequency and duration, travel expenditure, international travel and travel product purchases. Analysis covers the use of online and offline channels during three stages of the travel planning process – destination selection, shopping and booking – and provides an in-depth look at travel-related engagement via the mobile web and social networks.

Key topics include:

  • Longitudinal analysis of general travel metrics by market, including travel incidence and expenditure, frequency and duration of trips, international travel and travel party composition
  • Consumption trends within major travel segments (lodging, air, rail), as well as car rental, packaged holidays, cruise and destination activities
  • The travel planning process – including online and offline channel usage across the destination selection and shopping phases of travel planning
  • Online/offline booking analysis by market, as well as online booking trends across key travel products including lodging, air and rail
  • Key mobile trends, including mobile web penetration, current engagement and future interest in travel-related mobile web functionality
  • Participation in social networks, methods for sharing travel-related experiences and activities conducted through online social networks

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  • Overview, Methodology and Research Highlights
    • Overview
    • Methodology
    • Research Highlights
  • General Travel Behavior
    • Overall Travel Incidence
    • Trip Frequency and Duration
    • Travel Spend
    • Other General Travel Behaviors
  • Travel Component Incidence and Intentions
    • Lodging and Air Travel Incidence
    • Types of Lodging
  • Destination Selection
    • Information Sources
  • Travel Shopping
    • Online vs. Offline … and Mobile
    • Online Features Used During Travel Shopping
  • The Booking Phase
    • Online vs. Offline Booking
    • Component Channel Booking Behavior
  • Mobile and Social
    • General Mobile Web Use
    • Travel-Related Mobile Phone Activities
    • Sharing and Social Networks
  • Demographical Information

Phocuswright fielded an online consumer survey April 12 – 17, 2013 through Global Market Insite, Inc., targeting the general French, German and U.K. populations that have Internet access and travel for leisure.

To qualify for participation in the study, respondents had to indicate that they had taken at least one overnight leisure trip in the past 12 months that included paid accommodations at least 100 kilometers from home, air travel and/or rail travel. An additional screener required consumers to have played an active role in planning their leisure trips. Respondents who qualified are referred to as "French/German/ U.K. travelers." Paid accommodations include hotels and other nightly priced lodging products, as well as timeshares and vacation rentals. The term "lodging" is used in this report to refer to the broad range of paid accommodations.

Phocuswright received 3,061 qualified responses (France 1,028, Germany 1,036, U.K. 997) and the respondent pool can be projected with confidence to the adult population with Internet access. Travel incidence levels were calculated based on the responses of 6,194 adults. The error interval for analysis of the traveler population within each individual country is +/-3.1% for France and Germany, and +/-3.2% for the U.K. at a 95% confidence level.

Based on data from Eurostat, Phocuswright projects the number of adults with Internet access who have taken at least one leisure trip in 2013 (as previously defined) to be 25 million in France, 35 million in Germany and 30 million in the U.K. (see Figures 1, 2 and 3). As this report focuses on travel planning, respondents must have played an active role in planning their trips. This requirement disqualified 16% of the total traveler group. These consumers who traveled but did not plan their trips were counted in the traveler incidence calculation, but are not included in subsequent analysis.

US $1,295 
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