DMO Clickstream

An In-Depth Analysis of DMO Websites of the 10 Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Travelers

DMO Clickstream Published April 2017 Analysts: Coney Dongre, Douglas Quinby


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Slideshow & PDF
40 slides

DMO Clickstream presents website performance analysis of the destination marketing organizations (DMOs) of the 10 most-visited countries by U.S. travelers. Phocuswright selected the countries by the number of inbound
U.S. travelers in 2016.

What you will learn: 

1. The role of DMO sites in the travel planning process
2. How major country DMO sites compare on
        •Visitor volume for desktop and mobile
        •Traffic sources (how they get their traffic)
        •The role of organic vs. paid search
        •Key engagement metrics, such as time spent on website, bounce rate and pages visited

FREE for Open Access Subscribers