Research Insights Profile of the French traveler

Profile of the French traveler

September 2023
Phocuswright Research

Travelers in France still value travel spend highly. Despite economic challenges, travel and tourism remain a high priority purchase. While travel incidence has not yet exceeded pre-pandemic levels in the French market, both spend and frequency showed strong gains, especially among travelers over 55 according to Phocuswright’s latest travel research report France Consumer Travel 2023.

Here is a profile of the French traveler:

  • The majority of French travelers started planning 1-4 months in advance.
  • Over half traveled with a spouse or significant other.
  • One in five had a child with them, and another one in five traveled alone.
  • On average, the trips lasted 7.5 nights.
  • 52% indicated that their last trip was the first time they visited that particular destination, up slightly from 47% in 2020.
  • Travel was largely driven by a need to relax and spend time away with friends and family (or visit them).
  • But not all travel is for leisure. Six in 10 conducted some kind of business during a trip last year, with nearly half working remotely. Younger travelers were far more likely to have been doing this.

Phocuswright Chart: France Leisure Trave
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This report, based on a comprehensive survey of France travelers and those who plan to travel in the future, explores consumers’ trip-planning and purchasing behavior, and their attitudes toward travel in 2023 and beyond. Also, in this series (available now or coming soon):

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Phocuswright’s Europe Consumer Travel Report 2023 series provides a snapshot of Europeans’ recent behavior and sentiment regarding travel in the post-pandemic environment. Based on a comprehensive survey of European (French, German, Italian, Spanish, British) leisure travelers, this collection of reports provides a range of data and analysis on the European consumer travel market. Each country-focused report in this series examines core consumer metrics, the travel shopping and booking experience, key travel product consumption and more.

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