Research Insights Short-term rentals: the difference between U.S. and Europe

Short-term rentals: the difference between U.S. and Europe

May 2022
Phocuswright Research

In both the U.S. and Europe, a decade of growth and rapid change had transformed the short-term rental (STR) landscape, and rentals had become a part of the lodging consideration set for many travelers. New hosts, properties and renters continued to enter the market, but the pace of growth had slowed.

Then, during the pandemic STRs emerged as a bright spot within the struggling travel sector. Travelers embraced rentals as a lodging option that afforded safety as well as privacy, with many opting for smaller cities and non-urban destinations. Demand was through the roof and a niche no more.

Despite the difficult travel environment, hosts and property managers discovered there was plentiful opportunity in the short-term rental market - and the best may be yet to come according to two of Phocuswright’s latest reports on the segment: Through the Roof: U.S. Short-Term Rentals 2021 and Niche No More: European Short-Term Rentals.

To take advantage of these opportunities, it’s important for travel companies in the sector to understand the distinct differences between the U.S. and European traveler. Here’s the research and data you need to power great decisions for your STR (or STR-adjacent) company:

Phocuswright Chart: US vs Europe in STR Markets
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We dig deep into segments like the short-term rental market to give you the data and trends that drive the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. These in turn power great decisions, whether you are justifying your next pitch, confirming your big plan or upholding your current strategy. Download the full reports to see what insights you can uncover: U.S. report here and the Europe report here.

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