Research Insights The market for indoor mapping tech

The market for indoor mapping tech

June 2019
Phocuswright Research

Indoor mapping technology has rapidly evolved over the last several years, and airports are some of the prime beneficiaries according to Phocuswright's latest travel research, Consolidation in Indoor Mapping Technology Market. Deployments from FRA to SFO have seen successful results, with impressive revenue, efficiency and customer satisfaction metrics. While GPS will continue to direct travelers to the airport, indoor mapping is enabling seamless continued navigation within the facility from parking to gate. Consumer demand is strong among seasoned and infrequent travelers alike.

One leader in the space, Germany's Infsoft, led by CEO Tobias Donaubauer, touts the ability to display the entire travel chain to the end customer, from parking to public transportation to check-in counter to security checkpoints to gate, and provides the ability to locate POIs such as restrooms, ATMs, lounges, businesses and car rental agencies along the way, which can contribute to increased customer satisfaction.

An estimated US$70 billion will be spent to modernize aging aviation infrastructure at over 50 U.S. airports in the coming years. Indoor mapping technology infrastructure will be a piece of these upgrades and there are many entrants utilizing a wide variety of technologies and integration methods. For a mapping solution to succeed in helping travelers, the technology must be mobile, scalable, visual, customizable and connected with other building systems.

Phocuswright: Indoor Mapping Deployment Examples at Airports
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The business model for indoor mapping in airports has been tested and validated. Revenue gains from consumer loyalty, retail partnerships and operational efficiencies can be realized by airports through smart investments in passenger and asset tracking infrastructure.

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