Research Insights The Rise of Mobile Ad Spending

The Rise of Mobile Ad Spending

July 2014
Douglas Quinby

The Rise of Mobile Ad Spending

How has the rise in mobile usage throughout the travel process shifted advertising spend? By a lot – but not as much as you might think, at least not yet. According to a new Phocuswright Global Edition report, The U.S. Travel Advertising Marketplace: Industry Sizing and Trends 2015, desktop search is still the number one online ad spend category. However, its share is slipping as mobile phones and tablets grow in influence during the entire search-shop-buy process.

"One in five ad dollars spent online in 2013 by travel advertisers went towards mobile inventory: 11% to smartphones and 9% to tablets," according to Phocuswright research analyst Tom Powell. "But there are challenges to the mobile process that can inhibit further growth. If travel companies want to increase mobile share and ROI, they will have to develop and release adequate mobile experiences across browsers and apps for phones and tablets. Without a high-quality app or mobile-optimized site to point travelers to, advertising would be ineffective."

Explore the impact of mobile and other new technologies on the travel advertising landscape in Phocuswright's The U.S. Travel Advertising Marketplace: Industry Sizing and Trends 2015. This groundbreaking report reveals the size of the travel advertising market in the U.S. and examines the trends, practices and budget allocations of U.S. travel industry advertising spending from 2011 to 2015.

  • How various segments within the travel industry (airline, cruise, DMO, hotel, OTA and other) are allocating their advertising dollars
  • How much is spent on traditional offline channels (e.g., TV, print, out-of-home and radio) vs. online (e.g., search, video, social, referral, metasearch, display)
  • How mobile and the rise in digital ad spend will impact the advertising landscape over the next two years
  • Allocation by device, such as desktop, smartphone and tablet
  • Trends in general search, metasearch, social, online video, and more
  • How advertisers are dealing with the attribution dilemma
  • The role of Big Data and programmatic tactics
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