Building The Online Vacation Package Marketplace

Published January 2003 Phocuswright Inc.: David Juman


Building The Online Vacation Package Marketplace

Phocuswright's FYIJanuary 24, 2003

Building The Online Vacation Package

Survey Results

In 2002, Phocuswright Inc. and New York
University’s Tisch

Center of Hospitality and

Tourism began a joint research process

the biggest trend in online
travel: vacation packaging.

The overallclass=401053018-22012003>purpose of
the research was to investigate the technological, marketing

and financial

challenges for building the online
vacation package

Two online surveys were developed targeting
two segments of the

class=401053018-22012003> Tourism Technology Providers
(vendors of software and hardware)

class=401053018-22012003> Tour Operators (including
online travel agencies that packageand
sell tours)

survey results are available as a free pdf download at

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