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Online Rental Listings In-Depth Published November 2016 Analysts: Coney Dongre, Douglas Quinby


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Airbnb may capture most of the media attention around home rentals for travel, but it is by no means the only store in the private accommodation marketplace. HomeAway and have a stronger foothold in vacation destinations, while Airbnb dominates urban markets. Apartments, condos and homes represent the vast majority of rental listings, however the variations in mix – among other characteristics – across the three companies reveal important differences in their businesses.  

Phocuswright's Online Rental Listings presents an analysis of nearly 237,927 online rental listings in the five largest urban and vacation rental markets for private accommodation in the U.S. Phocuswright partnered with Transparent, a leading analytics firm for private accommodation, to gather listings data from three leading online rental marketplaces: Airbnb, HomeAway and  

Topics include:

  • The size of the largest urban and vacation rental markets
  • An assessment of the state of urban and vacation rental markets
  • Key trends across the leading online rental marketplaces
  • Mix variation across businesses, including inventory type, pricing, multi-unit and single-listing hosts
  • How traveler reviews play a role in private accommodation  

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Transparent collected the data for this report in the first week of August 2016.

The dataset includes the following parameters for each listing:
1. Rental site: Airbnb, HomeAway and (
2. Location
3. Unit Type (detached home, apartment, villa, etc.)
4. Rental Type (whole home, private room, space rental)
5. Listing Price (this is an average advertised daily price)*
6. Number of Reviews
7. Aggregate Score**
8. Number of Beds
9. Number of Rooms
10. Listing Date

* Listing price includes all fees for Airbnb by an estimated daily cleaning fee and an estimated daily service fee as well as taxes when applicable. Transparent currently does not include fee estimates for HomeAway.

** Review scores on are on a 10-point scale, while reviews on Airbnb and HomeAway are on a five-point scale. Phocuswright has normalized the score for a like comparison across all three platforms.

US $495 
CA $641 • £354 • €400
FREE for Open Access, Global Subscribers
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