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Date Report Title
May 2014 Travel Innovation and Technology Trends: 2014 and Beyond
May 2014 Traveler Reviews and Social Media in China
May 2014 Travel Innovation: The State of Startups 2005-2013
May 2014 NDC Update: A Radical Change to Travel Distribution?
May 2014 U.S. Consumer Travel Report Sixth Edition
Apr 2014 Innovation In Destination Marketing: Emerging Trends, Enabling Technologies
Apr 2014 The Open Booking Effect and Its Impact on Corporate Travel
Apr 2014 State of Startups: Asia 2005 - 2013
Apr 2014 Door-to-Door Travel and Multimodal Search: Finding and Booking a Complete Trip
Apr 2014 The Mobile Travel Landscape: A Multi-Region Spotlight
Apr 2014 Online Travel Agencies 4Q and Full Year 2013: Global Gains as Meta, Mobile and IPOs Set the Stage for an Intense 2014
Apr 2014 Presentation: When They Get There: Tours & Activities in Europe
Mar 2014 It's the End of the PNR as We Know It
Mar 2014 When They Get There: Activities, Attractions, Events and Tours in Europe
Feb 2014 Mobile in U.S. and European Markets - Beyond a Uniform Strategy
Feb 2014 Social Commerce: The Journey and the Destination
Feb 2014 Destination Unknown: How U.S. and European Travelers Decide Where to Go 2013
Jan 2014 Europe Online Travel Overview Report Ninth Edition Market Sheet
Jan 2014 Scandinavian Online Travel Overview Ninth Edition
Jan 2014 French Online Travel Overview Ninth Edition


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