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The Phocuswright Innovation Platform is your key to finding startups, new products, partners, investors, essential research and an exclusive group of pioneers. Let us help you navigate the messy world of travel startups and technology by becoming a member of this extraordinary support system and exceptional network of companies.

the Phocuswright Innovation Platform overview

Conferences and Events

Phocuswright Innovation Platform - Three Stages for Innovation

  • Battleground: Exclusively for pre-selected early-stage startup companies (less than 48 months old with $1M or less in funding) to demonstrate their innovation in this preliminary round. Winners advance to Summit at the U.S. Phocuswright Conference. Apply now for 2017 Battleground events taking place in India, and Europe in 2017.
  • Summit: The ultimate opportunity for startup and emerging companies (less than 48 months old, no limit on funding). Pre-selected companies and Battleground winners present on the main stage at the U.S. Phocuswright Conference and compete for Phocuswright's Innovator of the year award in each category. Apply now.
  • Launch: Exclusively for established companies (older than 48 months) launching a new product or service in the travel technology space. Pre-approved applicants present on the main stage at the U.S. Phocuswright Conference. Audience members select the People's Choice Award for best innovation in this category. Apply now.
Phocuswright’s experienced innovation team carefully screens each candidate to find the best and eliminate the hype. Our team then consults with the selected companies, guiding and supporting the selected innovators during the preparation process.

Phocuswright Innovation Summit demo - Phocuswright Innovation Platform

Innovation Fast Track

Innovation alumni are invited to present at partner events as part of Phocuswright's live content. Learn more about Phocuswright's Fast Track HERE.

Research and Learning

  • The State of Startups: An unparalleled series of reports and data on travel startups dating back to 2005, with in-depth analysis on financing, regional trends and segmentation by travel industry verticals.
  • University: University students of select hospitality departments participate in a semester-long program that delves into Phocuswright research and past Summit presentations, and includes an opportunity to present at The Phocuswright Conference.

Networking Opportunities

  • Innovator Alumni and Partners: Participate in any component of the Phocuswright Innovation Platform and forever have access to an exclusive group with which to network and collaborate.
  • Through webinars and meet-ups, Phocuswright connects innovators with potential buyers and partners

Networking - Phocuswright Innovation Platform

Advanced Consulting

  • Lab: Where innovation meets opportunity – Phocuswright connects innovators with potential buyers and partners sharing expertise and services.
  • Innovation Workshop, in Conjunction with with Leverage the research background and industry subject-matter expertise of Phocuswright with the proven tools of, designed to unlock the keys to innovation in action.

When it comes to tracking innovations driving change in travel, Phocuswright has long been the industry authority. Since 2009, we have monitored and reported on hundreds of innovative companies via our report, The State of Startups, and provided a live platform to over 200 companies via past Travel Innovation Summit events held across the globe. Our research subscription, The Innovation Edition, tracks and forecasts technology trends, and analyzes how technology impacts the way travelers search, shop, purchase, experience and share travel.

The Phocuswright Innovation Platform is the only comprehensive platform that allows people to benefit from Phocuswright’s longstanding pedigree of tracking travel innovation. We host the entire lifecycle of innovation, from a learning environment to the practical application of travel’s next great product.