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Report: September 2014
While gross bookings for Japan's total travel market grew 7% in local currency terms in 2013, a...
US $995 / CA $1,089 / £610 / €768
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Report: August 2014
China's travel market is the second largest in the world, and in 2013 exhibited stronger growth...
US $995 / CA $1,089 / £610 / €768
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Spotlight: August 2014
Despite ongoing economic uncertainties, the European hotel market has demonstrated continuous...
US $450 / CA $492 / £276 / €347
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Analysis: August 2014
The concept of a computer-generated intelligent assistant has been around for decades. While...
US $250 / CA $274 / £153 / €193
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What People Are Saying

"The travel industry is constantly changing and evolving and we need to be always one step ahead, adapting ourselves to the new environment and finding more about traveller desires. TUI believes that PhoCusWright can help us define that journey better."
Paul Anthony
Dir. Destination Services
TUI Travel Accommodation & Destinations
"Supporting and investing in this landmark project enables StubHub to even better tailor its services around the needs and behaviours of travelers - whether they are travelling across Europe or domestically - thus benefitting the people that ultimately really matter ... the fans."
Brigitte Ricou-Bellan
General Manager
StubHub International

PhoCusWright News

China’s Exploding Online Penetration Leads to Expanded OTA Offerings And Platforms

As Alibaba sits perched on the edge of what could be the largest IPO in history, all eyes are on China's e-commerce marketplaces. And as the country's consumers flock to online and mobile shopping... more

Suppliers Still Dominate Online, but Lose Momentum Globally

Have suppliers won the online travel distribution battle over online travel agencies (OTAs) on a global scale? That depends on which metric is used – overall share or year over year change. more

Just How Large Is Last Minute on Mobile? (With Apologies to HotelTonight)

It's been one of the hottest topics in digital travel circles for a few years now: last-minute and same-day hotel bookings via mobile. And of course the poster child for the trend has been... more