Phocuswright Conference 2017: Innovation Platform Roundup

The Travel Industry’s Premier Stages for Innovation

Phocuswright Conference 2017: Innovation Platform Roundup Published January 2018 Analyst: Michael Coletta


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At The Phocuswright Conference from November 14-17, 2017, the Phocuswright Innovation Platform events featured presentations from 34 travel innovators: 24 in Summit (for startups and emerging companies) and 10 in Launch (for established companies), predominantly from the U.S., Europe, China and India. They presented on Center Stage to an audience of up to 1,600 conference attendees as well as a global audience through the live stream.

Year after year, the events are judged and critiqued by a panel of the travel industry’s most successful and insightful executives. At the Battleground and Summit events, panels of three or four judges (referred to as "Dragons" – view the full list here) did a Q&A directly with each founder after each presentation. At the Launch sessions, a panel of 10 critics (referred to as the "PhocusGroup" – view the full list here) gave a thumbs up or thumbs down on each and shared their thoughts with the audience.

  • Introduction
  • The State of Innovation in Travel
  • Innovators by Trend
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Big Data / Personalization / Analytics (8 Innovators)
    • Hotel Booking (5 Innovators)
    • Chat / Virtual Concierge (4 Innovators)
    • Finance, Payments and Insurance (4 Innovators)
    • Tours & Activities and In-Destination (3 Innovators)
    • Travel Disruption/Interruption (3 Innovators)
    • Beach Content and Management (2 Innovators)
    • Corporate Travel (2 Innovators)
    • Meeting Space Rental (2 Innovators)
    • Membership and Loyalty (2 Innovators)
  • Recap and Looking Forward
  • Background on the Phocuswright Innovation Platform
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