The State of Social Media in Travel

The State of Social Media in Travel Published September 2014 Analyst: Douglas Quinby


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Social media holds enormous opportunities for travel companies around the globe in terms of marketing, lead generation, branding, customer engagement, and more. This report assesses the value of social media across the travel search-shop-buy process and covers the uses, strategies, successes and management of social media travel campaigns.

Topics include:

  • Social demand across geographies, including how travelers across the U.S. and Europe use social networks
  • Travel companies' use of social networks and benchmarks across
    • Organic posting tactics
    • Advertising
    • Customer service
    • Implementation of social applications such as booking engines and social logins
    • Social network monitoring practices and tools used
    • Overall social management, including budgeting and staffing
  • The impact of mobile on social media
  • Detailed segmentation by industry sector

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1. What We Did (and How We Did It)
2. Lay of the Land: Social Demand
3. Social Network Use: Travelers & the Travel Industry
4. Global vs. Local: The Role of Regional Networks
5. Social Goals: What Travel Companies Seek to Achieve
6. Social Tactics: Tools & Techniques
7. Social Spend: Advertising & Marketing
8. Social Service: Customer Support & Engagement
9. Social Is Mobile: Five Ways Mobile Is Rewriting Social
10. Monitoring & Measuring
11. Appendix: Characteristics of the Organizations Surveyed
12. Sponsor & Partner Details


Figure 1: Respondents by Industry Segment
Figure 2: Travel Suppliers Mix by Segments
Figure 3: The Vast Majority of Travelers Are Active on Social Networks at Least Monthly
Figure 4: Travel-Related Social Media Activities of U.S. & European Travelers
Figure 5: Typical Shopping Methods for Leisure Trips
Figure 6: Where Social Fits in the Travel Life Cycle
Figure 7: Travel Companies' Top Social Media Challenges
Figure 8: Percentage of Travelers Who Use Various Social Networks
Figure 9: Use of Social Networks by All Travel Companies
Figure 10: Social Media Utility – Use vs. Importance
Figure 11: Chinese Traveler Participation on Social Networks
Figure 12: Travel Industry Use of Regional Social Networks
Figure 13: Travel Industry’s Social Objectives
Figure 14: Branding & Direct Response Effectiveness by Platform
Figure 15: Use of Social Tools by Travel Industry Segment
Figure 16: Effectiveness of Social Content, Tools and Activity by Travel Industry Segment
Figure 17: Advertising Channels Ranked by Importance
Figure 18: Satisfaction With Various Social Ad Formats
Figure 19: Customer Support Channels Ranked by Importance
Figure 20: Percentage of Companies That Consider Social Very Important for Customer Service, by Segment
Figure 21: Percent of Travelers Who Interact with Brands Socially, by Device
Figure 22: Facebook Total and Mobile Monthly Active Users (Millions)
Figure 23: Percent of Time Spent on Social Networks, by Device
Figure 24: Devices Used to Make Trip-Related Posts on Social Networks
Figure 25: Monthly Review Volume* on Qunar, 2012-2013
Figure 26: Social Monitoring Frequency, by Segment
Figure 27: Social Monitoring Methods, by Travel Segment
Figure 28: Response Frequency to Negative Facebook and Twitter Comments, by Segment
Figure 29: Percentage of Travel Sellers, DMOs With No Formal Social Measurement Process, by Size of Firm

We conducted a global survey on travel companies' uses, strategies, activities, successes and management of social media. We fielded the survey through our own database as well as through six partners:

  • European Cities Marketing
  • European Travel Commission
  • Hotel News Now
  • Miles Marketing Destinations
  • Pacific Asia Travel Association
  • TripAdvisor

The 580 qualified respondents reflect a diverse crosssection of the travel industry. More than three in four are from DMOs, travel agencies and travel suppliers.

US $795 
CA $1,037 • £632 • €706
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