DMO Technology Roadmap 2016

DMO Technology Roadmap 2016 Published November 2015 Analyst: Cathy Walsh


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The pace of technological change over the past few years has been relentless. Adoption of mobile devices and social networks has surged, advances in computing have come to fruition in the marketplace in disruptive ways, and new technology-fueled business models are shaking up travel’s status quo. For destination marketers, surveying the latest trends and technologies and assessing their specific relevance for engaging travelers and promoting tourism is a substantial and ongoing undertaking. This article weighs in on eight technology-based innovations worth contemplating in 2016 and beyond, assessing their relevance to destination marketers and rating their potential impact versus the difficulty associated with implementation.

  • Introduction
  • Technology Roundup
    • Video Redux
    • Beacons
    • Big Data
    • Sharing Economy
    • Mobile Messaging
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Podcasting (Yes, Podcasting!)
    • Cognitive Computing
  • Conclusion
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