Analyst Bing Liu

Bing Liu

Director, Surveys and AnalyticsBing Liu

Las Vegas, Nevada United States

With over a decade of experience in consumer and marketing research, Mr. Liu contributes his expertise to customer engagement, segmentation and decision process analysis for Phocuswright's research publications and custom client engagements. Before joining Phocuswright, Bing worked with Gallup Inc. in southern China as director of consulting and research analytics, helping clients develop marketing strategies and consumer insight. Prior to that role, he was with Gallup in California as senior research analyst, designing and implementing consumer studies across different industries and geographies. Bing Liu holds an M.S. degree in survey research and methodology from University of Nebraska.

Travel Research From Bing Liu

China Consumer Travel Report

China Consumer Travel Report

Category: Consumer Trends Published: September 2013 Analysts: David Juman, Bing Liu, Douglas Quinby US $995

In some respects, China’s travel market is not as well developed as many Western markets. Yet with twice as many travelers as the U.S. and a new breed of consumer that is ready, willing and able to get...

Staying Local: A Study of the U.S. Road Traveler

Staying Local: A Study of the U.S. Road Traveler

Category: Destination & Activities Marketing Published: July 2013 Analysts: Marcello Gasdia, Bing Liu US $995

Finally, the nitty-gritty on the quintessential American vacation: Phocuswright’s Staying Local: A Study of the U.S. Road Traveler provides a comprehensive view of dynamic trends in the U.S. domestic...

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