Research Insights InPhocus, Episode 9 - Stuck in the middle with you

InPhocus, Episode 9 - Stuck in the middle with you

May 2020
Phocuswright Research

Being an intermediary during the coronavirus crisis has not been an easy ride.

This isn't to say that a tough time has not been experienced by every other segment in the travel industry but those that sit between consumers and suppliers have been dealt with a number of issues relating to cash flow and appeasing their commercial partners.

In this latest episode of InPhocus, we hear from David Litwak, CEO of Mozio Group (who also co-hosts the How I Got Here podcast), about his experiences as a platform for ground transportation and its difficulties with some online travel agencies.

We then dig into the wider problems that OTAs and others that sit in the middle of the digital travel ecosystem have faced over the course of the last few months.

Litwak is this week's special guest on InPhocus, hosted by Phocuswright's Charuta Fadnis and Kevin May of PhocusWire.